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Commercial & Residential Pest Control Exterminator Services

Exterminators in Tyler, Texas


Tyler Exterminator Services

Our Tyler Exterminator services has been providing the best exterminator service in Tyler, Texas, and East Texas,based on many years of expertise to protect your home or business from multiple problems caused by pests.

Exterminators in Tyler, Tx offer Customized options for residential and commercial businesses

We know each & every business is unique and in that regard, the requirements are also different. We have planned customized pest control exterminator solutions specifically targeting the specialized pest issues that you are facing either at home or working place.


With a variety of treatment plans for pests like bed bugs, ants, mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches, termites, inspects, etc., we have professional inspection methods, best pest control treatments, comprehensive prevention/exclusion strategies & fogging services delivered to you by Petty’s Plus Pest Control.

Why choosing the right pest elimination services is very important:

As the owner of your business, choosing the right quality of pest control service is very crucial.  Proper pest control can increase the overall performance of your business with a neat & pest-free environment to your customers.

We stand tall in the market for many reasons:

  • We are a certified Exterminator Service with years of experience in the pest control market
  • We cover a wide range of businesses, industries and residential homes
  • Free exterminator pest control inspection satisfaction
  • Friendly, efficient & effective extermination services
  • We have pest control and exterminator options for a wide variety of pests

Our service procedure includes:


We will provide your initial inspection as well as a full evaluation to determine what sort of pest issues your home or office is effected by.


With the necessary steps, we will take care of all the treatment plans associated with the respective pest issues in terms of the installation of pest control systems around the surrounding areas of your home and office for protection.


Our monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly services based on the requirement to keep your home pest-free will be offered. In between scheduled visits, we can deliver service for unexpected problems at no extra charge. Our follow-up visits will erase the chances of reoccurrence of pest issues at home & office.

We cover Exterminators in Tyler, Texas, and East Texas and Pest Control for Businesses and Homes:

  • Homes
  • Residents
  • Residential
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Hospitality
  • Food processing units
  • Warehouses
  • Property management & contractors
  • Hotels & motels

When servicing, our goal is to make sure that you will get complete satisfaction & effective treatments, PLUS the best customer service from the best exterminator in East Texas.